Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can decoration packages be rented/leased?
A: Yes! We lease our holiday displays for a period of three years interest free. The price will include manufacturing, installation, removal, and annual storage with no hidden charges.

Q: I am a building manager, how can I have holiday decor installed in my building?
A: If you are in the Northeast we will gladly do a site visit, photograph your property and submit an artist rendering of what your property will look all free of charge. Advanced design work may incurr a nominal charge.

Q: My budget is not to big, what kind of display packages can we get?
A: We guarantee you the most for your money. Don't forget we are the manufacturer and sell direct to you. We will design a beautiful display that meets within your budget giving you the most for your money.

Q: What else besides Christmas light displays do you manufacture?
A: We have a complete carpentry shop, electrical and welding facility, a foilage and trim a tree department, and 60,000 square feet of storage. We are truely your one stop Christmas shop. Please visit our portfolio to see our diverse talents.

Q: Does street lighting have to be rented on a 3-year agreement as well?
A: No, standard holiday street lighting can be rented year to year, unless it's customized.


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